White Agate Sphere with Obsidian Orgone Pyramid

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All my products are individually made by hand with high quality crystals. I hope these bring you peace and positive energy💕

Stones Healing Properties✨


♥ Purification ♥ Transformation ♥ Fulfilment ♥ Metamorphoses ♥ Manifestation ♥ Practicality.

Obsidian is considered to be an earth-stone that activates the root chakra and grounds you in your connection to the Earth. It is said to clear the aura of negative energy.


Copper is said to provide a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and align the subtle bodies. It is said to be a "bestower" of "good", bringing benefit to the user. It is also considered to bring "luck" to persons, especially in the recovery of property.

White Agate

♥ Improve mentality♥ Thinking♥ Calmness♥ Purity

It is considered as a grounding stone that is able to bring spirituality into your life, improving mental functions and help you think clearly especially when you are concerned about some issues. The white color of Agate gemstone is associated with peace, calmness, purity, and protection.


  • Genuine gemstones: White Agate, Copper, Obsidian
  • Size: 5*5cm / 6*6cm / / 8*8cm / 10*10cm 
  • Copper and gold metal shavings
  • Eco-friendly resin
  • Charged with singing bowl
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