Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
The Size of Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
The Size of Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor

Olivenorma Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor

This beautiful piece is perfect for adding a touch of nature and mysticism to any room. Made from high-quality wood, it features intricate moon phase designs that will leave you mesmerized. Hang it in your bedroom, living room, or office for a unique and enchanting decor element.
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🌘5 PCS Moon Wall Decor Set: The wooden moon phase wall hanging contains 5 different shapes. When you decor home, you can use one or more moon phase decors, or adjust the orientation of the new moon to create a different design. Of course, use one of them with other wall decoration also can express what you think. Freely combine 5 different moon phase shapes, meet your individual needs. Own this 5 pcs moon phase wall hanging, your bedroom will have endless possibilities.
🌗Accompanied by Fragrance: These moon phases are made from wooden, with fragrant fragrance,and be ready to hang on the wall. Long-term placement can also keep every space that decorates the moon phase with a faint fragrance! And the installation process of this moon phase decoration is very simple. Due to the attached double-sided stickers, each piece can be used as unique and original decoration.Too easy to hang these beautiful moon phases as wall art or in any space without nails!
🌕Fits Multiple Environments: The classic moon phases wall hanging, which can bring peace and creativity, is an indispensable art decoration for living room, bedroom, dining room, office and so on. Hanging it creates comfort and natural life for your living space, makes you feel relaxed after stressed work. In the morning, facing the boho moon phases, it is a new day full of passion, creating unlimited possibilities for life; in the evening, with the quiet moon phases, fall asleep sweetly.

🌓Unique Moon Phase Wall Hanging: Are you looking out a complete set of moon phase wall hanging decoration? This punchless moon phase wall decor must be a nice choice! The wooden moon phase wall hanging can be installed anywher, because these wooden moon phase the moon and the sun shape. With moon phases wall hanging decor can redefine your home, add beautiful melodies to home environment, and will increase more beauty and energy for your life.


  • Name: Olivenorma Wood Moon Phases Wall Hanging Decor
  • Category: Wall Decor
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 10.62"*10.62"(27*27cm)

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