Genuine Moldavite Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Genuine Moldavite Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant
Moldavite Natural Crystal Pendant

Olivenorma Green Fluorite Natural Crystal Pendant

Featuring the rare moldavite that is a form of tektite, this pendant enhances spiritual growth and connection to the universe. Each pendant is unique and handcrafted, making this piece truly one-of-a-kind.
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Elevate your spiritual journey with the Olivenorma Green Fluorite Natural Crystal Pendant. This exquisite pendant features a genuine Green Fluorite crystal, known for its powerful and transformative energy. Wear this pendant to connect with higher realms, enhance intuition, and accelerate personal growth. Each pendant is unique, making it a special and meaningful accessory for spiritual seekers and crystal enthusiasts.

MADE OF REAL CUT Green Fluorite 

Popularly known as the Stone of Greatness, This Vibrant Green Green Fluorite is an extraterrestrial stone that hit the headlines a few decades ago. Green Fluorite is created from the impact of meteorites on the earth’s surface. It occurs in various qualities based on the scale of the meteorite impact. With the oldest Green Fluorite dating back to 15 million years ago, the green glass stone is a rare beauty with powerful energies. It can help the user attain nirvana too. Once called organic glass by professors, Green Fluorite has come a long way since being considered as the alien stone. Today, Green Fluorite is a gemstone of prosperity and extraordinary powers. It was used to make helmets and weapons in the early Paleolithic age and the stone invites harmony where it is kept, according to the Czechoslovakian myths and lore!

  • Green Fluorite is a very small stone but with great powers.
  • This Green Fluorite is shipped directly from the Czech Republic
  • The geologist we work with is a member of IMCA (Meteorite association)
  • We guarantee that the Green Fluorite is authentic, real and genuine. We will accept the return refund in any case of hesitation.

How do I know this is a real Green Fluorite There are two ways for differentiating Green Fluorite from man-made glass; the first one, although a not very practical one, is to check the melting point. Cast Green Fluorite will melt at a much lower temperature than genuine Green Fluorite. Another way to determine if the Green Fluorite is real or not is to look carefully for small bubbles (which are very common in natural Green Fluorite and can be round or elongated) combined with striation lines in the material. How can I use my Green Fluorite stone? Can I hold it in my hand while meditating Green Fluorite is a really good stone while meditating, place it on your third eye and lay down. For a relaxed sleep, put Green Fluorite under your pillow. Carry this stone wherever you go because it opens up new opportunities that never existed before. You will feel good energy surrounding your soul. Is it genuine?Yes, we only offer genuine natural Czech meteorites, we have worked closely with miners in the Czech Republic for over 20 years and take great care to only buy our Czech meteorites from a legal mine in the Czech Republic


  • What are the advantages of wearing the Green Fluorite Pendant?
    The main reason why people like to wear Green Fluorite Pendants is that it is believed to have powerful healing properties. The first and most important reason is that it is believed to possess strong healing properties. It’s also believed to boost your intuition and improve communication, and aid in connecting with your spirituality.

  • The pendant is thought to guard against negative energy and assist you remain fit all through the year. If you’re looking for something to give your loved ones or yourself, about or someone you love, a Green Fluorite Pendant is an excellent choice!


  • Name: Olivenorma Green Fluorite Natural Crystal Pendant
  • Category: Pendant
  • Gemstone Size: Random Shape
  • Each Set weight: Approx 10g


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