butterfly crystal shelf
mystic LED display shelf
wooden luna moth lamp crystal shelf
LED display shelf
wooden diorama crystal shelf
butterfly crystal shelf
mystic LED display shelf
wooden luna moth lamp crystal shelf
LED display shelf
wooden diorama crystal shelf

Olivenorma Luna Moth Crystal Shelf

Transform your space with the Luna Moth Crystal Shelf. Illuminate and display your treasured crystals, essential oils, and valuables. Embrace the symbolism of change and rebirth.
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Enhance your living space with the Olivenorma Luna Moth Crystal Shelf. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this captivating shelf features a graceful Luna Moth design, adorned with shimmering crystals. It effortlessly combines elegance and functionality, providing a stylish platform to display your cherished trinkets and create a mesmerizing ambiance in any room.
Display and protect your precious crystals with our Luna Moth Crystal Shelf. Made of poplar wood, it adds a touch of enchantment to your space with its illuminating design. This shelf is perfect for showcasing your crystal collection, essential oils, and other treasures. Choose from three colors to complement your decor. Embrace change, inner understanding, and the beauty of transformation with this stunning crystal shelf.

Since crystals have been in style for a very long time, we bet you either have a sizeable collection or have at least thought about purchasing some energy boosting crystals.
If you’re thinking of purchasing or you already have some, you'll need to find a place to store them like a crystal shelf or a pretty small bowl. This will help you prevent losing them and also double as a lovely location to display them. Crystals are extremely pretty after all and look excellent displayed as part of the decor in addition to aiding you in maintaining your grounding or attracting love.
Our favorite luna moth crystal shelf illuminates to add to the ambiance in your space. It is ideal for keeping your treasures, adding even more sanctity to your house.
This moth shelf will serve as a great location for storing various crystals, essential oils and other valuables.
Every item in your distinctive collection of crystal art has a chance to be prominently exhibited in your bathroom, bedroom or living area.
This lovely Luna Moth Crystal Shelf will be a striking addition to your room's decor.
It is made of poplar wood and you can pick one of three colors: dark brown, light wood or black.

Several key themes are frequently connected to moths, including change, transition, ends, mortality and even the mystique of the night.
The moth is a symbol of rebirth even if we may be afraid of it because of its association with death and endings. Its presence inspires us to put our faith in the letting-go process so that we might advance.
On a spiritual level, a moth is a call to loosen up and be more adaptable when dealing with change and working in both the material and spiritual realms. In order to awaken to more profound experiences, the moth teaches us to embrace transitions rather than dread them. They could provide us with messages, revelations, directions or advice.
Moths emerge from their cocoons as new creatures after the first half of lives as caterpillars. This change stands for the inward transformation that is possible for all of us when we embody this creature's nature, even though it isn't always convenient or simple.
Is there something you need to let go of? Our experiences are frequently influenced by how we feel about life's endings. In this regard, the moth is quite useful because it serves as a reminder that through accepting endings, we can more easily embrace and enter new beginnings.

Moths stand for change, inner understanding, secret information and shadow work. They are associated with the moon, yin and feminine energy and intuitive insights. They appear to assist you in awakening to your true self and learning about your secret aspirations.
Moths are inquisitive insects that fly in the shadows yet are drawn to light sources.
The luna moth shelf illuminates which is no coincidence. Moths are nocturnal insects, yet their attraction to light is their most noticeable and intriguing feature. It is a lovely metaphor for our own spiritual development. Each of us has an own internal navigation system that encourages us to look for greater purpose in life.


Made out of Poplar wood and stained in a choice of dark Brown stain, light wood or Black stain.

Complete with solid Pine wooden shelves.

You can easily hang a shelf on your wall.

It has a hanger on the back for easy wall mounting and screws are included.


  • Category: Crystal Shelf
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 15.75"*11.42"*2.17"(40*29*5.5cm)
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