cat crystal shelf
cat crystal shelf display
cat crystal shelf decoration
shelf for crystals
cat crystal shelf
cat crystal shelf display
cat crystal shelf decoration
shelf for crystals

Olivenorma Celestial Cat Altar Crystal Shelf

Create your sacred space with our celestial cat altar crystal shelf. Nurture your intentions, connect with divine energy, and embrace balance. Elevate your practice—hang your shelf today!
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Create a sacred space for mindful meditation and spiritual connection with the Olivenorma Celestial Cat Altar Crystal Shelf. Crafted with care, this MDF wood shelf features a delicate engraved star design and is stained in a beautiful blackwood color. Hang it easily on your wall and transform it into your personal meditation spot or crystal altar. Embrace the power of the cat spirit animal, symbolizing balance, confidence, intuition, and adaptability.


While everyone can practice mindful meditation anywhere, having a dedicated space to focus on your objectives is nice. Our celestial cat altar crystal shelf can become your meditation spot or crystal altar! A crystal, a few of your favorite things, this shelf and an intention are all you need.
With an altar, you can develop deeper spiritual connections with the divine.
An altar is a place of worship, a spiritual center and a window into your own magical nature.
The word "altar", which means "high spot", has a profoundly holy and spiritual origin. For a long time, altars have been used in religious rituals and houses of worship.
During meditation, using certain crystals that operate at a higher frequency can assist you in reaching reach higher realms. However, you should primarily select crystals based on your objective. Work with what you have and trust your gut! For your altar, there is no right or incorrect crystal to use. It's vital to remember, though, that you should switch up your altar intention every two weeks or thereabouts. Allow the shift to bring fresh energy into your meditation routine so you have protection and intuition.

The cat as a power, spirit and totem animal can be useful if you feel lost in life and you desire greater balance. Cats shows you how to maintain your composure while you position yourself.
Cat helps you develop your confidence. As a totem, it ensures proper timing so you can find trustworthy solutions that perfectly position you. One of its greatest gifts is teaching you when to take action and when to wait.
Since cats are instinctive, extremely sensitive animals, seeing one in a dream can be a sign to pay attention to your gut feeling. A cat can appear to assist you in determining when to pounce, showing you how to do so while simultaneously maintaining balance.
When you are confronted with a task you believe you are unable to complete, the cat spirit animal presents itself—don't be a scaredy cat, the cat adds.
Cat Spirit enters your life to help when you need separation from certain individuals or circumstances. Your animal ally will tell you when you are too close to a situation to have a reasonable perspective.
One of this spirit animal’s message is balance. The polar opposites are what life is about; work and play or action and rest.
This spirit animal is a clever and flexible creature. Since they are versatile, they are the perfect allies when you are facing change and feeling uneasy about it. When you need the same adaptability and flexibility in decision-making, invoke the cat with this altar.
Cats are aloof, self-reliant and cunning. They have a mind of their own but they are also very entertaining.
The cat urges you to free yourself from anything that prevents your emotional liberty whenever you need a boost of confidence on your journey.
The creature has ties to everything spiritual and can teach you how to detect secrets and buried mysteries thanks to its sharp intuition.
Cats represent: attentiveness, curiosity, being clever, dexterity, independence, magic, mysteriousness, playfulness, being sensitive and spontaneity.


Made out of MDF wood with delicate engraved star design.
Stained in blackwood color and finished with environmentally friendly varnish.
You can easily hang a shelf on your wall.
It has a hanger on the back for easy wall mounting and screws are included.


  • Category: Crystal Shelf
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 11.81"*7.87" *1.95"(30*20*5cm)

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