What is crystal healing? Beginner's Guide to Using Crystals

Crystal healing is a holistic healing practice that involves the use of crystals and gemstones to improve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It is based on the belief that each crystal or gemstone has its own unique energy vibration which can be used to help balance the body's energy field and heal the mind, body, and soul. Crystal healing has been used for centuries in various cultures around the world and is becoming increasingly popular in modern times.

Things you need to know before using crystal energy

For beginners interested in exploring crystal healing, it is important to understand the basics of how to use crystals properly to reap the maximum benefits. Before using any crystal or gemstone, it is important to cleanse the stone to remove any negative energies that may have been absorbed by it. This can be done by placing the crystal under running water or by smudging it with sage or Palo Santo wood. After cleansing, it is important to program the crystal with your intention for it. This will ensure that the crystal is only vibrating to the energy you wish to bring into your life.

Decide what type of healing you want to get

Once the crystal is cleansed and programmed, it is time to decide what type of healing you would like to receive from the crystal. Different crystals have different properties and can provide different kinds of healing. For example, amethyst is known for its calming and grounding energy, making it a great choice for reducing stress and anxiety. Rose quartz is believed to be the stone of unconditional love and can be used to attract more love into one’s life. Clear quartz is known as the “master healer” because of its ability to amplify the energy of other stones and can be used to strengthen the effects of other crystals.

How to use crystals for healing

When using crystals for healing, it is important to place the crystals on or around the body where they can do their work. This could be on the chakras, the palms of the hands, or even over a specific area of pain or discomfort. To get the most out of the crystal’s energy, it is important to hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and take some deep breaths while focusing on your intention for the healing session. Some people also prefer to meditate while holding a crystal in their hands to further enhance the healing process.

Thank the crystals after absorbing their energy

Finally, it is important to thank the crystal for its work and to release any excess energy that may have been absorbed during the healing session. This is usually done by washing the crystal under running water and then placing it in the sun or moonlight to recharge its energy.
Crystal healing is an ancient practice that can be an incredibly powerful tool for improving physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. For those just starting out on their crystal healing journey, it is important to remember to begin with an open mind, research different stones and their properties, and to always set your intentions for the healing session. With patience and dedication, anyone can learn to harness the power of crystals and enjoy the many health benefits they offer.

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