5 Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy

Feeling unwanted energies in your home? Can't shake the feeling that something just isn't right?  

Believe it or not, your HOME like anything else, has a specific ENERGY.
 In terms of the body, chi is that which differentiates a corpse from a live human being.
In a very simple note, we’re all made up of energy.

Is Bad Energy Really a Thing?
This energy flows through your body and rules the universe around you. 
When your energy is down, obviously you will feel bad and when it is up, you will feel good.  Negative energy can affect your mood and activate negative momentum in your home. 

Want to know and learn a variety of ways to create a more welcoming and comfortable space for you and your family? 
 I will simply share 5 simple and effective methods that work for me every time. 
It simply means letting go of the stuff that you don’t love, use, or need.  Literally letting go of junk in your space, removing stuck and stagnant energy. 
 How you do one thing is how you do everything. 
Cleaning your home or workspace will make it lighter and more positive. Everything is connected. Isn't it? 

When the energy in your home feels generally off, smudging your home is a must.
Smudging your home not only releases all of the sage's healing benefits, but it also chases out all negative and stale energy in your home. 
It's like the kryptonite of negativity!  
In a very simple way, the energy of white sage brings cleansing, protection, and blessing into space it's burned in. 

Light candles near and around your altar every so often whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed by an abundance of negative energy.
Let its light, clean scent, and gentle ambiance give you a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity. 

I have always believed that music can help make our own energy, and it does the same for spaces.
Sound can replace that energy with warm, feel-good vibes. 
Trust me it actually makes a big difference. 

Crystals are the first thing people think of when they hear the words healing energies.
But aside from healing and boosting energy and vibration levels, crystals are also a great tool to remove negativity.
You read that right!
It could be just the thing you need to clear out negative energy in your home.
Here are some of the most popular crystals to remove negativity at your home:
Clear Quartz Crystal
Smoke Quartz
Rose Quartz

Surround yourself with positivity with these amazing healing crystals only here at  Olivenorma
Your home aside from your ultimate sanctuary is also a reflection of yourself!  
Perhaps it's about time to change your energy too!
Start with a fresh and clean slate. 
Fill your home with happy memories and leave your worries outside!
Bring positive energy into your life by clearing your negative thoughts. 
What makes you the happiest? What brings you the most joy? 
Trust me... It begins with your mindset!!!

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