Open The Gates For PURPLE CHAKRA By Using These Simple Tips

Purple chakra, also known as crown acupoint, is a major energy core within the human body and is seen as the gateway to higher levels of awareness and spiritual enlightenment. In your head, it has something to do with your color.
The purple chakra links us to the divine and helps us attain an elevated state of consciousness. By opening and harmonizing this energy point, we can experience oneness with the universe and delve into our innate wisdom and intuition.
However, many people have difficulties opening their "purple chakra" and may have symptoms such as emotional and spiritual separation, inability to obtain intuitive feelings, and a lack of clarity and purpose in life.
Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks that can help you open your "purple chakra" and unleash its maximum potential. In this article, we will give these tips and tell you about the health benefits of these tips.


One of the most effective ways to open up the purple chakras is through contemplation. Contemplation calms you and focuses you on your inner being, which helps to remove the obstacles and negativity that can hinder your spiritual development.
To partake in introspection, choose a serene and cozy location where you won't be interrupted. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. After taking two deep breaths, place your awareness above you. Imagine a violet light flowing into you from above and through the violet light point.
Focus on this perspective, allowing yourself only to see each thought and feeling, without judgment or attachment. Through this practice, you will find yourself more connected to your inner self and the whole world around you, which will help open your "purple chakra".


Another powerful way to open the violet light point is yoga. Yoga combined with physical postures, breathing and contemplation help to keep all parts of the body balanced and in harmony.
Some yoga postures, like inversions and tree sits, are especially beneficial for opening the purple chakra points. Such postures help improve blood supply to the brain and promote the pineal gland associated with mindfulness awareness.
In addition, doing some deep breathing or doing some yogic exhalations can help to activate and balance this purple point. A very useful method is called "buzzing", or "humming". To do this, find a comfortable position and breathe deeply. When you breathe, a bee-like sound is produced. Repeat this several times, focusing on your head.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is another powerful way to open and equalize the purple chakra points. Some crystals, like purple and clear crystals, are especially helpful in stimulating the chakra points at the top of the head and enhancing spiritual development.
To use crystals for healing, simply place them in your hands or on your forehead. You can also bring some crystal ornaments with you or place them in your home or workplace to enhance positive, harmonizing energy.

Sound Healing

Sound therapy is another way to open and equalize the violet points. Specific tones and frequencies, such as those emitted by Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks, can assist in stimulating the chakra points at the top of the head and induce spiritual awakening.
To perform acoustic therapy, simply listen to those tapes of music in contemplation, or rest in a place where they can be played. You can also use mantras such as "I am in the world" or "I have faith in my instincts" to assist you in focusing your attention on the violet light point and to stimulate its opening.


The purple chakra is a major energy hub in the human body that connects us to God and assists us in reaching higher levels of awareness. Using some of the tips and tricks listed in this article, you will be able to turn on and balance your "purple energy" to its full potential.
Please keep in mind that opening your purple Point does not happen overnight, it requires constant practice and dedication. With enough time and patience, you will be able to create a strong connection with your inner self and the world around you, so that you can have more peace, happiness, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

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