Healing Crystals: Real or Fake?

Okay... So, you're a fan of alternative meds and taking a holistic healing approach, right?
Cool, me too!
But, what about crystals? Are they a form of holistic healing? 

Do crystals actually have healing powers? DO THEY REALLY WORK?
Crystals are stones named for minerals that are believed to be beneficial to mankind, not just for monetary purposes but for health purposes as well. 
Having a crystal at home is good luck.
Wearing one, or having one in your pocket, every day brings positive vibes and energy.
Crystal stones are filled with chakra or energy.
While some are said to rid you of anxiety and stress, some bring good luck and charm.
Stone crystals are filled with energy that works within our system.
Thus, if you have problems at work, relationships or you are burnout, stone experts will offer you tips and guide you to crystals that will alleviate your pain and bring positivity to the core of your being. 
Crystals bring a sense of balance in our mind and body.
Albert Einstein said that everything in life has a vibration. 
Sound has a vibration, and so do your thoughts. 
Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches the vibration of your thoughts. 
How does it work? 
Know Your Intention  
Before you check out some sites or shops, you should know your intention first.
How will you use your crystals? 
Ask yourself some of the following questions:
"Am I struggling in a bad relationship?"
"Do I have any financial concerns or burdens?"
"Am I struggling to make an extremely important decision?" 
"Am I looking for peace deep within?" 
"Am I struggling to sleep well, or to lose weight?" 
If you set your objective as to why you will buy or get crystals, check what color or type crystals will fit you.  
Choose Your Crystal Stone
Most people will choose their birthstone for they believe that it will bring the charm.
There are also certain stones for each need.
For example, Rose quartz is for romance, Smokey quartz is for security, Amethyst is for relaxation of mind and many more. 
Believe It 
Do healing crystals really work? Yes! You just need to believe it.
I know it sounds silly, but it is true. Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? It's that easy.
If you want to know that something will work on you, you just need to believe it.
You can wear, carry, hold, meditate with, or just generally have crystal stones around you to reap the benefits of your chose crystal. 
Focus on the Energy 
One best ways to use crystals is to place it on your body’s energy point.
We have different energy points in our body that are being used in healing.
You can line up some stones in different chakra points in your body.
For example, you can out a stone in the middle of your forehead and brows, it is where the point of intuition located.
Indeed, there are countless ways we can incorporate crystals into our daily lives when it comes to crystal healing. 
To receive all the benefits of crystals, I carry stones in my pocket, as well as wear a pendant every single day. By doing this, I continuously ensure that I am adding confidence to my daily endeavors. 
Additionally, you can put some stones inside your house, too.
Having crystal stones inside your home will bring you good luck and positive energy throughout.
You can check out some crystals at Olivenorma, and find the one that calls to you. 
What's the easiest stone to start with?
Amethyst is the “All-Healer” crystal that’s proven to be most effective in healing people, plants and animals.
Most say that Amethyst is a GREAT beginners stone, and it happens to be my birthstone, so I may be a little biased. 
 We all want to effect change, and crystals are tools that can help us.
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