6 Best Protection Crystal For Cancer - A Beginner's Guide

Taciturn Capricorns, out-going Pisces, and stubborn Tauruses, zodiac signs can give an infinite combination of personalities. However, few zodiac signs are as well-recognized and lovable as Cancers. They are known to be nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, great friends, and have a surprising sense of humor. However, they can have quite a bite when crossed and are very emotional when things don’t go their way.

There are tons of great things and interesting facts about the Cancer zodiac sign that a lot of people don’t know. Let’s take a look at some well-recognized traits of Cancers, what the zodiac sign is associated with, and six of the best healing crystals for those with the Cancer zodiac sign.

What Is the Cancer Zodiac Sign?

Despite its admittedly scary name, “cancer” is a Latin word that simply means “crab”. The Cancer zodiac sign is the fourth astrological sign of the Western zodiac, spanning from 90° to 120° celestial longitude. It applies to individuals born between approximately June 21 and July 22.

What Is the Cancer Zodiac Sign Associated With?

Cancer is the cardinal zodiac sign of the water element along with Pisces and Scorpio. It is also closely associated with the planet Jupiter but is weakened by the planets Saturn and Mars. The moon is the celestial ruler of the zodiac sign, which explains why the mood of Cancerians is so closely tied to the waxing and waning of the moon.

Best Healing Crystals for Cancerians

Just like the Cancer zodiac sign is closely associated with the moon and the element of water, there are several healing crystals that have been found to resonate strongly with Cancerians. They include:

Red Quartz

Red quartz is a rare red stone that occurs when a layer of hematite deposits over a clear quartz crystal. It is also known as hematoid quartz. It occurs in a range of red-brown hues ranging from light red to crimson and in some cases deep mahogany or light khaki color.

This beautiful stone is mined primarily in Morocco, though sources have been found in Brazil. The stone is associated with vitality, strength, and stamina, making it a great stone for Cancerians who generally embody these attributes. Red quartz is a great stone for the summer due to its strong ability to absorb and reflect light beams.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a stone associated with a strong grounding effect, making it an excellent counter to the natural hyperactivity of many Cancerians. This is probably due to its connection with the base chakras. The stone comes from a family of opaque quartz stones and can come in a range of red to reddish-brown hues.

The stone has a strong nurturing energy and is said to be a great healing crystal for individuals who have issues with their circulatory system. Red jasper is found most commonly in Madagascar, Brazil, the United States, and Australia.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that possesses a characteristic pale pink to rose red hue due to the presence of trace elements within it. The stone is commonly mined in Madagascar, Japan, Brazil, and the USA.

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love and compassion, representing different kinds of love including familial affection, friendship, romantic relationships, and even self-love. The stone is closely tied to the Divine Feminine and is closely related to the Heart Chakra, which also explains why it is commonly referred to as the Heart Stone.


Carnelians (also known as sunset stones) are brownish-red semi-precious stones commonly found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Peru, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, India, Germany, and Russia. Though they are usually a dark red, almost brown color, they can occur in hues ranging from light orange to almost mahogany brown. They owe this reddish hue to iron oxide impurities within the stone.

Carnelians represent warmth, joy, and courage, making them great stones for those who need comfort and motivation. Exposing carnelians to sunlight for extended periods of time can help darken the reddish tone by slowing oxidizing the iron impurities found within the stone.


Citrine is a form of quartz that comes in a light yellow to deep amber color. The stone is also known as the merchant’s stone due to its ability to attract wealth and prosperity. Ancient cultures used the crystal to craft a wide range of jewelry and ornaments, believing that the stone brought good luck to whoever carried it around.

Natural forms of citrine are found in the mountains of Russia, as well as Madagascar, Bolivia, and Brazil. The stone is a great crystal for those who want to create an aura of warmth around them and a great gift to give to anyone who is starting a new business.


Opals are a form of amorphous silica crystals which are formed in water bodies that have a high silica content. They come in a variety of beautiful colors, ranging from light turquoise to deep blue, and are often mixed with earthy tones of light brown, orange, and red. Even though opals are found all over the world, about 95% of the world's opals are found in Australia. 

Opals are said to be stones of balance and harmony and have significant healing capabilities. These beautiful infusions of color can be used to represent hope, good intentions, and creativity. Opals are a very popular gift due to the positive aura they give off, one of the reasons they are such popular jewelry options too.

Why Should Cancerians Use Healing Crystals?

Many Cancerians may be wondering why they should start using healing crystals and what the potential benefits are. Here are a few of the most important advantages of using healing crystals.

They Are Powerful Healing Instruments

Healing crystals are powerful tools that can be used to heal a wide range of physical and psychological conditions ranging from reduced circulation, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, nonrestorative sleep, and vague aches. When Cancerians use crystals that resonate with their zodiac signs the healing properties of these stones are further amplified.

They Strengthen Emotional Bonds

Cancerians are naturally loving and caring individuals who have strong bonds with their friends, families, and partners. Certain healing crystals are great at strengthening these bonds, especially the Rose Quartz stone which has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra.

They Are Great For Detoxifying the Body and Mind

It’s no secret that the world we live in today is full of seen and unseen toxins. These range from those found in the air we breathe, the food and water we take, to even unseen electromagnetic waves which fly through the air around us. Healing crystals are a great way of ridding your body of these toxins and creating a protective aura around you against any harmful energies.

They Provide a Shield Against Harmful Energies

Speaking of auras, healing crystals are also powerful protection tools against harmful energies that may have significant effects on your mental and physical health. These include negative emotions coming from both within and your external environment. Certain healing crystals specialize in dispelling such harmful energies and creating a positive aura of energy around the user.

They Make Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry

Most healing crystals are simply beautiful stones. From the alluring designs found in opals to the brilliant radiance of red quartz, these stones have a way of capturing the mind with their beauty. They can be used to make a wide range of jewelry like rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and so on. This makes them much easier to carry, allowing you to carry their beneficial properties with you anywhere you go.

Final Words

Healing crystals are great for Cancerians and offer a ton of benefits. They are beautiful stones that can be used to heal, protect and detox. The key is finding the perfect stone or combination of stones that resonate most deeply with you and helps unlock the inner potential within you.



  • What character traits are associated with Cancerians?

Cancerians are known for a wide range of traits such as compassion, a nurturing and sensitive attitude, a great sense of humor, and are quite empathetic. They are one of the most active zodiac signs and find it hard to sit still for more than a few minutes.

  • Are there other healing crystals associated with the Cancer zodiac signs?

Yes, there are quite a few of them. Besides the stones that are mentioned above in the article, some other great stones for Cancerians include emeralds, obsidian, aquamarine, moonstone, green tourmaline, pearls, and so on.

  • How do you know if a healing crystal is right for you?

Healing crystals have numerous physical and mental benefits, however, these benefits are amplified strongly when using a stone that resonates with the energies flowing through you. These can include using stones that correspond to your zodiac sign or birth month.

  • Which zodiac signs are Cancerians most compatible with?

Cancerians are generally most compatible with those born under the stars of their fellow water element- that is Pisces and Scorpios. However, they also form strong bonds with those who are born under the Taurus zodiac sign too.

  • Which zodiac signs are Cancerians least compatible with?

Cancerians are generally friendly people, yet they have poor compatibility with Aries due to their fast-paced, competitive nature. They also mix poorly with Gemini’s and Leo’s, but to a lesser degree.


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