FREE Today: The Boundless Energy Obsidian Necklace

Save $64.99

FREE Today: The Boundless Energy Obsidian Necklace

$64.99 Value - Just Cover Shipping

  • A gift in support of clearing away negative energy and encouraging passion:  The Boundless Energy Obsidian Necklace is handmade with volcanic obsidian and garnet. Obsidian is considered to activate the root chakra and grounds you in your connection to the Earth. It is said to clear the aura of negative energy.Garnet stones reignite your passion and motivate you to focus on the things that bring you joy, pleasure, and happiness.

  • METATRON'S CUBE Symbol: Balance and Harmony – In sacred geometry, the symbol represents the balance of energy within the universe. You’ll notice how all things are connected regardless of how  small or insignificant they are.A Symbol of Creation – Metatron’s cube is said to represent all the geometric shapes found in nature.  Nowadays, some scholars still believe that the symbol is the building block of everything in the universe.Healing and Protection – In some cultures, Metatron’s cube is used for guidance, healing and protection.

  • Feel its positive effects anytime, anywhere: Wearing an orgone necklace on your body, or placing it in any corner of your home or working space, will help relieve your mental state, eliminate stress and anxiety, and is especially useful for people living in big cities.

  • Only 31 pieces available: these artisan-made necklaces are in short supply - and we’ve allocated as many as we can for this giveaway. We only ask that you help us with shipping & handling.

Why Are We Giving Away These For FREE?

  • We believe that what modern humans need most is healing and unity. We inherit ancient wisdom and methods, use environmental-friendly and sustainable crystals to design thousands of crystal products to meet various physical or spiritual needs.

  • We support more than 200 craftsmen around the world, and every craftsman sticks to his mission and invests it in the production of every product. Upon ordering the free orgone necklace, you are welcome to purchase other products to support our store. This is really a great support for our movement.

  • You are helping us heal the world. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations to help underserved communities in Africa and help poor children in Africa get a good education.

    Only 31 FREE Orgone Necklaces Available - Exquisite Packaging

    You will receive the Boundless Energy Obsidian Necklace: An aid to clearing away negative energy and encouraging passion.

    Specifications Details:
    • Materials: pure, sustainably sourced obsidian, garnet crystals
    • Size: Pendant: 1.38 inches diameter
    • Value: $64.99, claim yours FREE while stocks last

    Why Choose Us:
    • Great quality guarantee
    •  Safe payment and multiple payment methods
    •  Responsible shipping and customer service
    •  Orders will be processed within one business day

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