Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
the benefits of gabbro
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg
the benefits of gabbro

Olivenorma Easter Gobbro Mystic Spirit Crystal Egg

Made of natural gabbro, this crystal egg promotes creativity and overall health and atrracts good feng shui, a perfect gift for adding a touch of magic to your celebrations with intricate details and shimmers in the light, .
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The Symbolisms of Crystal Eggs

Eggs symbolize new beginnings. Just picture how a tiny chick hatched out of its shell to start a new life on earth to understand this symbolism.

Crystal healers believe that egg-shaped crystals are a powerful tool for people who desire to start a fresh new chapter in life. They bring about ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’ that smoothen transitions and complete transformations.

For Christians, eggs symbolize rebirth. As part of the Easter holiday tradition, ancient Romans would create Easter eggs made of precious and semi-precious stones to celebrate their renewed life before Christ.

Eggs also represent fertility and robust life force. If you’re looking to preserve your youthfulness and enliven your sexuality, crystal eggs are beneficial for you.

Practical Uses of Crystal Eggs

Because of their shape and charm, gemstone eggs hold a wide range of uses to different people. Below are just a few of them:

  1. Gifts and collectibles- Egg hunting and giving is not only limited to kids during Easter. Adults also take part in the celebration by gifting and collecting crystal and porcelain eggs.

These eggs contain positive energies and what better way to spread these energies around than by accumulating them and sharing them with everyone.

  1. Decoration- Crystal eggs are made of colourful stones. They instantly add a pop of colour and mystical charm to any corner of the room. They are also thought to strengthen the sense of family, life, and nature in the home.
  2. Acupressure- Practitioners of this ancient art of healing utilize tools to apply pressure to tension points in the body. Among these tools are crystal eggs. Both ends of the egg are used to rub muscles and stimulate the circulation of blood and energy.

Since every crystal is made of a certain gemstone with unique healing properties, the use of crystal eggs in acupressure is said to provide double healing.

  1. Facial tools- Gua sha, an alternative therapy that aims to move energy around the body, uses crystal eggs to enhance the flow of energy in the face and regenerate the skin for a healthier glow.

The Metaphysical Benefits of Crystal Eggs

Crystal eggs are rich in healing energy. In the world of metaphysical healing, eggs are associated with the following healing properties:

  1. Boosts the effectiveness of prayer- As a symbol of life and miracles, crystal eggs sharpen the power of prayers. During prayer and meditation, simply hold a crystal in your hand. The stone will release vibrations that will amplify your prayers so you can send your message directly to the higher being you believe in, be it to God or the Universe.
  2. Breaking old and unhealthy habits- Egg represents rebirth. And a crystal egg can assist you in breaking negative thought patterns, as well as old habits that don’t serve you well. In effect, it gives you the strength and resolve to start new healthier habits.

Crystal eggs are also tools you can use to develop a healthy mindset that will result in healthy lifestyle choices. Success in giving up old habits may not happen overnight, but crystal eggs empowers you to take the first step.

  1. Attracting good feng shui- Being a symbol of fertility, crystal eggs are ideal for couples who are trying to conceive. Feng shui has it that placing a crystal egg in the bedroom increases the chances of pregnancy and promotes safe childbirth.

Crystal eggs are also beneficial for businesses, especially for entrepreneurs who are embarking on a new venture. Eggs provide more courage and increased success to hard working business owners.

Feel the magic in your hands when you hold this Gabbro crystal egg. Radiating with supernatural forces, this stone will take you on a visionary quest of the mind. Prepare for the unexpected. Polished and protective, your Gabbro egg is an unstoppable source of spiritual power.

Positive Affirmation: "My magical spirit is unstoppable"
Intentions: Wicca Crystal
Primary Chakra: Third Eye Chakra


Your new egg is polished from natural Gabbro. This is a bluish-purple stone swimming in a black matrix. 

Eggs are measured by height.

Stone Origin: Madagascar
Stone Treatment:
 Natural, Untreated
Stone Hardness: 6-6.5

Each stone is unique in its colors, inclusions, shape, and veins. 

Don't let it roll away, Add a display stand.

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