moon crystal shelf
moon display shelf
moon crystal shelf
moon display shelf

Olivenorma Crescent Moon Crystal Shelf

Illuminate your sacred space with the Crescent Moon Crystal Shelf. Organize and display your crystals, statues, and spiritual artifacts with grace. Let the moon's energy guide your journey to enlightenment.
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Embrace the enchanting energy of the moon with our Crescent Moon Crystal Shelf. This exquisite shelf allows you to showcase and charge your crystal collection, spiritual tools, and cherished treasures. Its carefully designed four shelves provide the perfect space to display your gems, statues, candles, and more. Illuminate your space with the beauty of the night sky.

The moon guides us in all things, illuminating our way forward with her silvery light. If we feel as though we’re alone, all we must do is look up. The moon will recharge us with her energy when our own begins to fail, holding us while we rest until we’re ready to move forward once more.

Bring the beauty of the night sky into your home with this Crescent Moon Crystal Shelf to charge, store, and display your crystal collection and spiritual tools. Its four shelves of varying sizes are perfect for small gemstones, statuettes, candles, air plants, or any other treasures you’d like to display in an elegant, meaningful way.


  • Category: Crystal Shelf
  • Origin: India
  • Size: 11.81"*10.24" *2.56"(30*26*6.5cm)

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