LOVE AND PRAYER👼: The Peace-of-mind Guardian Orgone Pyramid

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Why Are We Giving Away These at FREE??

  • Let us pray for the victims of this terrible disaster: The U.S. suffers from one of the biggest tornado disasters in history:According to US media reports on the 11th local time, 6 states in the central United States were hit by at least 30 tornadoes on the night of the 10th. So far, the tornado disaster has caused more than 100 deaths, and the state of Kentucky has suffered the most.

  • You are helping us heal the world. As the things we have built crumble about us, we know too well how small we truly are. We sincerely hope that you can join OLIVENORMA to pray for the victims. For every product sold, Olivenorma will donate part of the proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation to help disaster-stricken residents rejuvenate their homes.
  • Place the orgone pyramid during prayer, will calm the soul and be closer to God: Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that the Holy Spirit gives us to lift up our desires, needs, and petitions to the Lord. He is always faithful, and we see this time and time again in the way he ministers to the most vulnerable worldwide. We see hope in the hard places. We see broken relationships being restored. We encourage you to take a moment to thank God for what he’s done. 
Get these and surround sufferer with Your love. Let them know we are here praying for them.

$95.99 Value - Just Cover Shipping

  • A gift in support of global love and healing: we’re on a mission to uplift humanity through the power of nature and ancient wisdom - and this bestselling orgone pyramid is our sincere offering to you.

  • Handcrafted with natural amethyst crystals: our crystals are pure, ethically harvested, and sustainably sourced.

  • A potent amplifier of love and positive emotions: amethyst is amazing at dispelling negative energy, self-doubt, and disempowering emotions. It guides you to a spiritual sense of innner peace,self-love, and also widens your capacity to give love.

  • As a conductor of energy which was confirmed by scientific research: The Orgone Pyramid is based on the research of the Austrian psychoanalyst "Dr. Wilhelm Reich" in the early 20th century, who introduced the term orgone. According to his research, the positive energy flow pattern of pyramid can be observed through Kirlian photography. The positive energy endowed by the pyramid improves concentration and spiritual power. Moreover, it creates an ideal environment for praying and meditation. Placing or holding the Orgone Pyramid during praying will help connect your aura to the cosmic energy.

  • Only 40 pieces available: These artisan-made pyramids are completely $0. We only ask that you help us with shipping & handling.

You will receive the Peace-of-mind Guardian Orgone Pyramid: a powerful amplifier of inner peace, courage, and spiritual health.

Product Details:

• Materials: pure, sustainably sourced amethyst
• Size: 1.97"(L)*1.97"(W)*1.97"(H)
• Value: $95.99, claims yours while stocks last

Why Chooes Us:
• Great quality guarantee
•  Safe payment and multiple payment methods
•  Responsible shipping and customer service
•  Orders will be processed within one business day


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