Mysterious 7 Chakra Stone-Orgone Pyramids

I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's a small movement happening in the world of crystals. It's called crystal healing, and it involves the use of crystals to achieve personal growth and wellness. But did you know that there are also powerful pyramids made from stones? These 7 chakra stone-orgone pyramids are said to help align your chakras and boost energy in your home or office space! They're also pretty cool looking (and quite affordable). So if you want to feel recharged and refreshed—and look like an ancient Egyptian priest or king—then grab one (or all) of these pyramids today!

olivenorma Mysterious 7 Chakra Stone-Orgone Pyramids

7 Chakra Stone-Orgone Pyramids

If you're looking for a way to connect with your spiritual side, or if you just want to feel more relaxed and balanced in this crazy world we live in, then these 7 Chakra Stone-Orgone Pyramids are the perfect tool for you!
The seven chakra stones used in this set of pyramids each correspond with one of our body's energy centers. When they come together they create an energetic field around your body that helps restore balance and harmony by bringing all parts of ourselves into alignment. Each pyramid has been designed specifically for its purpose; together they will help clear away any blockages that may be preventing us from reaching our highest potential.

Amethyst Pyramid

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone, and it's also known for its calming properties. Amethyst can be used to help with sleep and insomnia, as well as depression and stress.
If you're looking for something to help calm your mind before bedtime or even during the day whenever you feel stressed out, this is the perfect crystal to use!

Citrine Pyramid

Citrine is a powerful stone for the solar plexus chakra, also known as the power center. It's associated with abundance, prosperity and manifestation--all things that can help you manifest a life where you feel confident and secure in your ability to take care of yourself financially.
Citrine is also associated with protection from negative energy or influences (including spirits). It helps protect against psychic attack or any other type of harmful energy that may come your way.
This crystal has been used by many cultures throughout history for its healing properties: it's been used to treat infections such as colds/flu; heartburn; stomach issues like ulcers or colitis; skin conditions like psoriasis; eye diseases like glaucoma...the list goes on!

Emerald Pyramid

Emerald is the stone of love, compassion and healing. It helps you to see your own beauty and the beauty in others.
It can be used for meditation as well as protection against negative energies (such as fear, anger or jealousy).
Emeralds are also associated with the heart chakra which is located on the chest area between the breasts where blood flows through our bodies. This chakra controls how we relate to ourselves and others emotionally.

Jade Pyramid

Jade is a stone of the heart and a stone of love. It's also a stone of peace, tranquility, harmony and healing.
Jade has been used since ancient times as an amulet to bring good luck and health. Jade helps keep you calm during stressful situations by balancing your emotions while keeping your mind focused on positive thoughts.
The energy of jade helps us to connect with our inner wisdom so that we can make wise decisions in life without being influenced by other people's opinions or advice from others who may not have your best interest at heart!

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone with golden flecks. It's a powerful healing stone, and is said to have been used in ancient Egypt for its ability to purify water and protect the wearer from harm. Lapis Lazuli is also believed to be an aid in meditation, helping you find your center and balance within yourself.
Lapis Lazuli symbolizes wisdom and truth, royalty and power--in other words: "I am capable of anything I set my mind upon." If you're looking for someone who can get things done without fail or hesitation (or someone who needs help getting things done), this might be your guy!

Obsidian Pyramid

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that has been used as a tool, weapon, and ornament since prehistoric times. It's formed as an extrusive igneous rock when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools quickly with minimal crystal growth. Obsidian is often rich in water and crystalline minerals such as quartz or feldspar. The name comes from ancient Greek word "ob" meaning "to devour".

Tourmaline Pyramid

Tourmaline is a powerful healing stone. It is a stone of protection and grounding, as well as prosperity and abundance. It helps with self-esteem, confidence and meditation.
Tourmaline comes in many colors ranging from clear to black; however it is most commonly found in shades of green or pink. Tourmaline also contains iron pyrite which gives it its unique metallic sheen when polished on both sides

These are powerful healing tools.

These are powerful healing tools. You can use them to cleanse and recharge your chakras, remove negative energy, help you sleep, meditate, get in touch with your spirit guides or heal.
The stones are hand-carved from quartz crystal (rose quartz). Each one is unique with its own unique pattern of lines and swirls within the stone that make each one beautiful! They have been charged by sunlight for several days so they are ready now for use as soon as you receive them!


The 7 Chakra Stone-Orgone Pyramids are a great way to boost your energy and enhance your chakras. They're also great for meditation, meditation rooms, healing spaces or anywhere else you want peace and quiet. You can use them with other crystals or stones too! We hope this article has given you some insight into these beautiful pyramids and their many uses in our lives today. If you want to find more wonderful role to your daily life, you can click here.

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