Goldstone Meaning: Everything You Need to Know (The Ultimate Guide)

Goldstone is a multi-colored crystal that has lots of high-reflective and smooth inclusions. It is man-made and has a golden or reddish-brown color alongside copper flecks. The reflecting inclusions consist of a silvery shine, and the gleaming look tends to draw attention. 

Goldstone meaning could be power, inspiration, and ambition. Because of its lively look, goldstone is considered a popular synthetic gemstone. It is made from copper oxide, borax, silica, and other chemicals. 

Goldstone is known by many names, such as Monk's Stone, Gold Star, and Adventurine Glass. Planning to buy a gemstone that energizes and helps you explore your potentialities? Go ahead and pick a Goldstone.

What is Goldstone?

Goldstone is a manufactured crystal consisting of multicolored and high-reflective inclusions. Goldstone brings together your sense of warmth by using the power of the mind and helps you attain everlasting and strong goals. 

It is an inspiring stone that can take you through imagination and creation. While Goldstone is neither a stone nor made of gold, it doesn't take away the shimmering splendor. Because of its rich shades, this glittering glass is one of the most sought-after gemstones worldwide. 

What's more, the primary artistic ingredient of the Goldstone furthermore adds to its mesmerizing look.

History of Goldstone

When it comes to the origin of Goldstone, certain things are murky. During the 17th century, it was believed that the gemstone was created accidentally by the Italian monks. That explains why the gemstone got the names Monk's Stone or Monkstone. 

One of the prominent examples that prove this claim is the smooth amulet that dates back from 1100 to 1200. Moreover, the earliest written reference to what people call Goldstone today is the exclusive permission granted to Vincenzo Miotti of Venice to produce this sparkling object.

Goldstone has been associated with the art of alchemy right from its creation. However, a deep red version of the gemstone called purpurin or haematinum might have been created by the Romans. Also, pieces of evidence show that it got lost during the Dark Ages. 

What's the Meaning of Goldstone?

Goldstone represents the blaze of creativity and reflects strength in the form of a beautifully constructed glass. This gemstone has a symbolic meaning and mystical heritage, even if it doesn't come naturally from the ground. Goldstone can convert ideals into tangible forces. 

While the gemstone comes in different hues, the most prominent ones consist of gold, crimson, and red. This gemstone represents power, chemistry, metamorphosis, and variable because it contains the imperishable forces in its center. 

So, whenever you are starting on new ventures, having this gemstone by your side helps you in many ways. Goldstone brings good luck to your journey. That way, you will have pleasant surprises throughout the way. Moreover, Goldstone crystal meaning is associated with improving your confidence and drive. 

Furthermore, Goldstone eliminates negative energy, and you can wear it as a part of your clothing or place it somewhere inside your home to allow the flow of positive energy. The transparent and distinctive sparkling surface keeps supernatural powers at bay. 

Different Color of Goldstone

When it comes to Goldstone color, you can have a few variations. And each of them has its healing traits. Whether it is about cool vibrations or sunset hues, the different shades of Goldstone have you covered. 

· Red Goldstone - When it comes to ambition and confidence, the Red Goldstone is what you need. Infused with drive and passion, the shade of Goldstone makes you go out and get it.

· Green Goldstone - It unlocks the ability of your heart chakra and improves self-care commitments. 

· Brown Goldstone - This shade helps to awaken the sacral chakra, brings in positive energy, revitalizes your body, and encourages positive flow.

· Blue Goldstone - It clears the blockage in your throat chakra, encourages self-acceptance, and soothes the hypersensitive nature

Goldstone Healing Properties

Goldstone healing properties include revitalizing your mind and body to bring serenity. With so many elements present within this fantastic gemstone, it adds to its healing nature with extreme positivity all around. 

· Physical Healing Power

Because Goldstone tends to raise your sense of courage and joy, it means that you can allow your heart to enjoy life as you have imagined. In short, when you tune your energy levels to positivity, it will attract the same properties from the Universe. 

And Goldstone prepares you on the highest spiritual level. It surrounds you with positive vibes so that you can bounce back from negativity instantly. Furthermore, Goldstone works wonders on different chakras. 

It secures your root chakra and provides you with a sense of stability and safety. Also, it encourages your creativity by improving the sacral chakra. 

· Emotional & Spiritual Healing Power

Although Goldstone is considered a gemstone that represents ambition, it is more than that. Wearing a Goldstone will allow you to open the door to success by manifesting patience, calm, and harmony. 

Precisely, it is a kind of gemstone that helps you stabilize your emotions and optimize your thought process. Because Goldstone has reflective properties, it helps you see things clearly and use that knowledge to make life choices. That way, you are benefited from every aspect. 

The best part of using this gemstone is that it keeps you grounded while filling the vacant spaces. Moreover, the gemstone helps a lot when it comes to courage, confidence, joy, generosity, and evaluating risks.

How to Use Goldstone

The best way to use a Goldstone is to bring it with you whenever you go outside because it keeps you safe from all kinds of harm. And using it inside the home will uplift your energies and increase productivity.

· Jewelry

One of the best ways to harness the energy of Goldstone is to wear it in a way so that it comes in contact with your skin. That way, it will bring abundant joy into your life. Whenever a healing stone touches the skin, it encourages the vibrational energy to shift gears and remove all kinds of blockages. 

When you wear goldstone jewelry, it provides you with a daily dose of self-confidence and improves inner strength. It surrounds you with positive energy and keeps you safe from hurdles. Furthermore, people are encouraged to carry this gemstone while venturing out on a new project. 

Hence, when you find yourself entangled in a deep crisis when working on a specific project, allow Goldstone to bring back your lost focus. Goldstone helps restore motivation so that you can achieve your dreams. Placing the gemstone on your work desk attracts positive energy from all directions.

· Feng Shui

The benefits of Feng Shui are many, and it is another popular way to improve your overall lifestyle. People all over the world know how the magic of Feng Shui works. No wonder, it has made a permanent place in the heart of humans regardless of geography. 

You can place a Yellow or Brown Goldstone in the center area where you work. That way, it helps you keep calm while promoting a sense of good health. Also, you can place Blue or Black Goldstone in the North area to improve your career. 

Zodiac Birthstone: Goldstone

People who are born with Sagittarius as their zodiac sign can wear Blue Goldstone. It is a gorgeous birthstone for the Sagittarians. Blue Goldstone has the right balance between energizing and soothing. As a result, it is the perfect remedy for people with this sun sign. 

The beauty of the blue hues always reminds you of the fact that light could be found. Sagittarians who are adventurous can use this gemstone to keep themselves safe from all kinds of dangers. Moreover, the gemstone complements the higher energy levels that are common in Sagittarians. 

Goldstone Meditation

Goldstone is very effective for distance healing, group healing, and even practicing Reiki. Try working with a raw cluster of any variation to get better results. To honor the highest spiritual hopes, bring the stone in front of yourself. With Goldstone, both your body and mind are connected.

You can wrap the Goldstone on your chest, or you can carry them in your hands. However, before doing so, make sure to cleanse, recharge, and configure the gemstone. That way, it can serve the purpose of your meditation. If you suspect that you may lose consciousness during meditation, you can wear soothing stones. 

Goldstone Crystal Combinations

The best part about Goldstone is that you can use it with other crystal combinations. Here are some of them.

· Carnelian - This gemstone is believed to bring you good fortune and success. Carnelian is the gemstone that you need to wear whenever you find yourself entangled in a bad profession or bad deal. It provides you with new opportunities and gives your life more meaning.

· AmberThis gemstone has been associated with different types of financial problems that an individual faces. Amber attracts wealth, and there is no denying that. It helps you achieve riches without obstacles. 

· Tiger's Eye - It promotes strength hand wisdom so that you can achieve your goals with ease. Also, it encourages you to stay rooted and take good care of your money. Apart from attracting a lot of riches, a Tiger's Eye handles financial difficulties. That way, you can allow your anxieties to go away. 

· Citrine - If you are looking to make a significant in your lifestyle, introduce citrine into your life. Citrine relieves you from the burden of dragging your soul. And soothes the thoughts inside your brain. As a result, you feel lightweight, like a flower.

· Rose Quartz - This soft pink gemstone protects you from resentment and anger by invoking compassion. As such, it helps to clear away all kinds of painful emotions that you have encountered earlier. 

· Smoky Quartz - When you hold this powerful crystal in your hands, it relieves you from the bad vibes and emotional tension you have been experiencing for a while. The Smoky Quartz crystal allows good energy to flow within you. Also, it will bring satisfaction and pleasure by removing the darkness that surrounds you.

· Clear Quartz - Dubbed as the Supreme Healer, the Clear Quartz is considered an amazing cleansing stone. This gemstone re-energizes you by letting go of the negative thoughts. It heals your spirit, mind, and body. So, this gemstone might help you a lot whenever you are psychologically and emotionally down. 


· How to Care for Goldstone

Clean the Goldstone by immersing it in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Wipe the surface with a cotton ball or clean cloth to remove dirt. You can use a soft brush to reach hard areas. Next, rinse the Goldstone with clean water or wipe the gemstone with a damp swab. The final step involves drying the gemstone by using a soft cloth or paper towels. 

· How to Cleanse Goldstone Crystal

While Goldstone is artificially made, it doesn't mean that you should skip the traditional ways of cleansing and taking care of the crystal. Because the gemstone cuts through bad energy and infuses positive flow, you need to cleanse it regularly. And the best way to make the Goldstone cleansed is by running it under tepid water. That way, it discharges an energetic pile-up. Use a soft cloth and wipe it clean.

· When Should You Cleanse Your Goldstone Crystals?

There are times when it becomes necessary to cleanse your Goldstone crystals. When you bring them home for the first time after purchasing, it is wise to cleanse them. As such, all kinds of energies get removed that it might have picked up during the time. Also, when you are going through difficult or intense times, you need to cleanse the gemstone. Moreover, cleansing the gemstone crystals once every month is great.

· How to Best Use Goldstone

Hold the crystals whenever you need reassurance or support. You can use them as a part of your meditation. Keeping them inside your wallet brings in good luck and attracts more fortune. Alternatively, you can use the crystals as decorative items. Place a few crystals beside your pillowcase. Furthermore, you can keep a few of them with your plants as well.


Goldstone is a kind of strengthening gem that is easy to use, and it brings numerous positive things into your life. Suppose you want to awaken your inner self-confidence or have endless possibilities in terms of self-preservation and personal power. In that case, Goldstone can make your dream come true instantly. 

In short, it will bring plenty of enjoyable moments. So, if you wish to have a life full of enjoyment, pleasure, and hope, Goldstone is the right crystal for you to choose. The gemstone brings light when you are in the middle of complete darkness. And fills your life with happiness.

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