Birthstones by Month - Find your Birthstone

Birthstones by Month are a unique and meaningful way to express yourself. Birthstones are believed to have healing properties, and wearing a piece of jewelry that features your birthstone can be a powerful reminder of your personality and character traits. For centuries, people have associated certain gemstones with each month of the year, and these gems are now used in beautiful pieces of birthstone jewelry. From January through December, each month has its own special gemstone associated with it.

January- Garnet

January is associated with the garnet, a deep red stone that symbolizes passion and courage. Garnets come in a variety of colors, from bright yellow to green, orange and even purple. An elegant birthstone necklace featuring multiple garnets is perfect for anyone born in January.

Fberuary- amethyst

February is symbolized by the amethyst, a stunning purple stone that is said to bring peace and calming energy. Amethysts look great in earrings, rings, necklaces and more. A unique birthstone jewelry set featuring both February’s amethyst and January’s garnet would be a beautiful gift for someone born in the first two months of the year.


March is represented by the aquamarine, a pale blue gemstone that symbolizes strength and resilience. Aquamarine stones look especially beautiful when combined with silver or white gold settings. A pendant featuring an aquamarine stone is a perfect way to show off your March birthstone.


April's birthstone is the diamond, the hardest and most valuable gemstone on earth. Diamonds represent love and commitment, making them a perfect choice for an engagement ring. For those who don't want to spend a fortune on an engagement ring, a beautiful diamond solitaire pendant is still a luxurious way to show off April's birthstone.


May is associated with the emerald, a deep green stone that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Emeralds look stunning when set in gold, and they make beautiful birthstone rings, necklaces and earrings.


June is symbolized by the pearl, a gorgeous white stone that symbolizes purity and innocence. Pearl jewelry makes an excellent gift for any June-born baby or bride-to-be. The classic “string of pearls” necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style.


July's birthstone is the ruby, a passionate red stone that symbolizes love and power. Rubies make a bold statement when set in a large solitaire ring or necklace. An art deco-style ruby necklace is the perfect way to show off July's birthstone.


August's birthstone is the peridot, a vibrant lime-green stone that is thought to bring good fortune. Peridots look especially beautiful when set in yellow gold, and they make lovely necklaces and earrings.


September's birthstone is the sapphire, a deep blue stone that represents loyalty and faithfulness. Sapphires look especially striking when set in white gold, and they make beautiful rings, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry.


October's birthstone is opal, a delicate stone that comes in a range of colors and is believed to bring protection and luck. Opals make beautiful pendants, earrings and bracelets, and they look especially beautiful when paired with diamonds.


November's birthstone is the topaz, a golden-yellow stone that is thought to bring luck and happiness. Topaz stones look stunning when set in rose gold, and they are perfect for rings, necklaces and pendants.


Finally, December is associated with turquoise, a vibrant blue-green stone that is thought to bring strength and healing. Turquoise looks beautiful when combined with sterling silver, and it makes a great choice for rings, necklaces and earrings.
No matter what month you were born in, there is a beautiful birthstone that is just right for you. Unique birthstone jewelry makes a great gift for any occasion and is sure to be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.

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